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Who We Are?

Butler Metal Spinning begins its story with the enterprising and adventurous couple, Chuck and Gloria Dickenson. Chuck always had a passion for creating. Combining his passion with his skill as a metal spinner, Chuck and Gloria first opened the doors of Butler Metal Spinning in 1969.

The intention of Butler Metal Spinning was to serve companies with small quantity production needs for metal spinning. Over the years the shop has produced parts and pieces showcasing Butler Metal Spinning’s origins in manufacturing to creating dramatic works of architectural art.

All have given testament to the attention to detail of Butler Metal Spinning’s humble beginnings that have lasted the test of time.

Chuck still serves as the owner and production manager – making it his priority to talk directly to his clients and instilling in his production line the importance of detail and integrity. At his side, his wife Gloria still oversees the administrative needs of the company.

And the story that began nearly fifty years ago continues, with each of Chuck and Gloria’s children having worked their way up in the company. Since 2003, their son, Charles now holds the position of General Manager and follows in his parents’ footsteps.



The mission of Butler Metal Spinning is to provide our customers quality products, catering to their prototype and production metal spinning and fabrication needs.



The Butler Metal Spinning philosophy is that we do what we do because we enjoy doing it. Our primary concern is for our stakeholders: customers, employees, and vendors. By suppling quality products on-time to our customers we are able to encourage our employees in their personal growth while supporting our vendors through continued business opportunities.
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