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Benefits of Metal Spinning vs. Other Processes

When considering the right craftsman and manufacturing approach for your project, consider the following benefits of the tooling methods used in metal spinning provide:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Flexibility in tooling provides ease of design change (Dependent on volume, tolerance and the capability of the part needed.)
  • Tolerances can be adjusted as necessary
  • Typical tolerances for metal spinning are .030” though higher tolerances are possible

Butler Metal Spinning specializes in both prototyping and extended production runs for a wide range of products. We are equipped to handle nearly any material from 10 gauge steel to brass; accommodating circle shearing up to 120”.

We also offer light fabrication and assembly to finish your metal spun products. This includes punching, pressing, rolling, welding, cutting and painting. We partner to also expand our services to include plasma, water-jet and laser cutting; as well as heat treating, anodizing, plating and other special fabrications.